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Case Study: 

Helping a Client with an Injectable Brand Gain Critical Site of Care Data and Insights with Rx Benchmarks


By Reid Saleeby, Partner & David Frey, Principal


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Biopharmaceutical managers like yourself often struggle with knowing exactly how their specialty brand is being prescribed and administered compared to competitors. This is especially true for injectable brands that are administered by healthcare providers (HCPs) in-office or at alternate sites of care like infusion centers and hospital outpatient departments. In order to best understand site of care injection or infusion dynamics you need visibility into directly comparable benchmarking data to know whether your brand is at parity, better or worse than your competitors across key performance indicators (KPIs).  



A global biopharmaceutical leader needed insight into how their injectable brand was being prescribed and administered in the physician’s office compared to their competitors. Our client lacked in-depth visibility into the exact amounts prescribed and administered for their brand and competitors in this hyper-competitive marketplace – they were seeking to quantify KPIs and gain insights into market dynamics associated with this specific form of treatment.

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Protean quickly identified the optimal approach to accomplish client goals – Rx Benchmarks . A proprietary methodology developed by Protean and KS&R, Rx Benchmarks  is unique in that it provides comparative data across brands in the market basket based upon actual prescriptions written and administered. To achieve our client’s goal, we studied health records of specific patients based upon ICD-10 codes and the brands administered to these patients in-office. The study was powered to demonstrate statistically significant differences in levels of patient severity, quantities prescribed, quantities administered in-office, dosing intervals, treatment switching and imputed costs at WAC, among other variables. Patient records evaluated were balanced by physician specialty and geographic location. Baseline and treatment characteristics for each brand cohort were reported graphically and a formal statistical analysis was performed including, but not limited to, independent samples t-tests. All analyses were performed at a 95% confidence level.

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Using the proprietary capabilities of Rx Benchmarks , Protean was able to collect and analyze previously unknown information about the injectable prescribing and administration habits of physicians and HCPs. Protean was able to provide our client with:


  • Patient ICD-10 codes

  • Patient disease severity

  • Physician specialty and other characteristics

  • Brands prescribed

  • CPT codes and J-codes associated with administration and billing

  • Medication quantity prescribed

  • Medication quantity administered in-office for 3 treatment cycles

  • Dosing intervals in calendar days

  • Imputed WAC costs

  • Types of primary insurance and payers associated with each medication administration

  • Data related to several other variables


The creation and delivery of the final report took less than 14 weeks, and all research was completed prior to March of 2020, providing the client with prescribing and administration data not impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our client found this data so impactful that they are publishing the findings in a peer-reviewed journal as well as extending the study longitudinally for tracking purposes.

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