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By Derek Cothran, Principle and Paul Maurer, Senior Consultant

Making Sense of the CMS Final Rule: Value-Based Purchasing, Copay Accumulators and Best Price

On the last day of 2020, the CMS final rule was published in the Federal Register. The draft rule, published in June 2020, received tens of thousands of comments throughout the public...(read more)

By Mike Scott, Partner 

Five Things You Should Do to Ensure Your PSP Is Ready for Launch Before Your Brand Is

Your brand is preparing for launch, and it's time to develop a strategy for your Patient Support Program (PSP). Even if you already have one or more PSPs in place for your company's...(read more)

By Reid Saleeby, Partner

Benchmarking Your Specialty Brand's Rx Pull-through Against Competitors In and Out of Your Network

As an executive at a specialty drug manufacturer, you know having access to your brand's pull-through key performance indicators (KPIs) inside your network is only a very...(read more)

By David Robinson, Partner & Derek Cothran, Senior Consultant

Copay Accumulator & Maximizer Programs are Changing - Is Your Strategy?

Copay assistance programs are a known tactic deployed by drug manufacturers to help facilitate access to often expensive speciality medications.  These financial assistance programs...(read more)


Case Studies

By Mike Scott, Partner & David Frey, Senior Consultant

Developing a PSP Strategy that Identifies and Addresses Unique Therapeutic Challenges

When healthcare providers are faced with the need to initiate or switch therapy for patients with chronic medical conditions, a key goal is to optimize clinical response and tolerability...(read more)

By Lee Ann Steadman, Partner & John Chatas, Senior Consultant

How Protean Helped a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Monitor the Quality of Their Patient Support Programs

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have lacked the ability to monitor, track and report on the performance of their Patient Support Programs (PSP) offerings. More specifically,...(read more)


White Papers

By Lee Ann Steadman, Partner & John Chatas, Senior Consultant

Optimizing the Performance of a PSP and Improving Outcomes For All Stakeholders

Patient Support Programs (PSP) have been proven to improve clinical and patient outcomes and help manage patient out-of-pocket cost and prescribed use. The challenge has been with ensuring a PSP is evolving and maturing in a way that aligns with patient and stakeholder needs as well as the product's life cycle...(read more)

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