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Our Approach

The best market access plans are built on analytics, insights and industry experience

Our plans and proprietary services and research tools can beat the challenges companies face

Working with Protean means working with:

Experienced Professionals

We deliver customized plans and offer proprietary tools that directly address and align with your vision, goals and objectives

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Attentive Teams

We listen to your needs then conduct research on the market, competitive landscape and audience attitudes and behaviors

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Informed Consultants

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Our consultants are intimately familiar with the latest market research, industry trends and competitor developments

Collaborative Advisors

Our approach is proactive, inclusive and transparent, whether we are putting plans into action or actively maintaining them 

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Efficient Specialists

Our people quickly and often instinctively understand your business goals, due to our experience on your side of the desk

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Decisive Partners

We craft plans that include only the services you need, and are designed to accomplish your original goals and objectives 

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Analytics Insights – Our Foundation

We believe market access is

an integrated system

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Each plan Protean develops directly addresses both potential and known critical barriers encountered throughout the entire product journey. And every strategy we develop is anchored in analytics and insights. Our consultants take into account the needs of every company, product and patient, to ensure the end result will best serve the brand, as well as the client’s goals and objectives.

Our experience in market access services runs deep and is constantly expanding

We’ve worked with a range of clients from large to emerging. We’ve partnered with well-known pharma companies, as well as with companies who represent rare, orphan and specialty drugs that are new to market. We also have experience working in fields such as oncology and cell and gene therapy, and have helped manufacturers get their medical devices into the hands of patients. As equally as important to what we’ve done for clients, is the work we’ve done on your side of the desk as a client.

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