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Market Access Expertise

Our consultancy services are tailored to achieve the results you seek

We develop strategies that optimize channel, trade, payer and patient services market access for biopharma products and medical devices

There are multiple challenges to ensuring patients start and stay on therapy. After a clinical decision has been made to provide a therapy option to a patient, a complicated process begins. 


Gaining optimal access involves taking into consideration multiple stakeholders,

various partners throughout the process, competing or conflicting distribution points and constantly shifting market variables.


Cost, availability, payer coverage, manufacturing challenges, type and size of distribution channels, programs to address coverage and affordability and how the

product will actually be used, all have to be considered during the decision-making process. 


Protean offers a comprehensive suite of services that ensure your product will maximize its potential through a well-planned strategy.

Channel & Trade

Whether you are in need of a standardized process or looking for someone to help negotiate distribution contracts, Protean provides plans that address the logistics of getting your products out of the manufacturer's hands and to the patients, so they can start and stay on therapy.

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Here are a few of the channel and trade services we specialize in:

• Channel/Distribution/Trade Strategy

• Contracting Strategy for 3PL,            

   Specialty Distribution, Specialty Pharmacy,

   Full Line Wholesalers

• RFP Process

• Channel and Distribution Implementation

• Channel Optimization

• Gross-to-Net Modeling

• Contract Analysis


Patient Services

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Patient Services

At Protean, we do not consider each patient service in isolation, because we think broadly about what patients and providers need to receive and continue therapies. Our plans address every aspect of patient services, from access and affordability, to adherence, compliance and persistency challenges. Each plan we develop will involve a tailored approach that is custom made to provide effective and efficient patient access.

Here are some services we offer that optimize patient services:

• Strategic Analysis

• Program Optimization 

• Program Customization

• Patient Services Modeling

  – Access, Coverage and Affordability Modeling

  – Financial Assistance Modeling

• Program Design

• Patient Experience Mapping

• Strategic Development

• RFP Process

• Quality Program

  – Program Performance Monitoring

  – Standardization

  – Change Management

• Implementation

• Customer Satisfaction 

• Program Transition

• Field Reimbursement Size and Structure

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All aspects involved with payer contracting, including reimbursement, analysis of existing contracts and net impact can be handled by our experienced professionals. We can help you with financial impact and modeling, contract analysis with value proposition development or assist you with developing an overall strategy.

Here are the services we offer our clients:

• Contracting

• Monitoring

• Strategy Development

• Legislation Modeling

• Education Modeling

• Reimbursement Strategy 

• Payer and Field Reimbursement Education and Training

• Impact Modeling


Additional Practice Areas – Analytics & Insights, Sales, Marketing

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In addition to our strong focus on market access, we provide an array of services in our analytics & insights, sales, and marketing practice areas. Our analytics & insights practice supports nearly 100 projects per year with all types of qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary marketing research and analysis methods, including our Rx Benchmarks™ service which provides unsurpassed visibility into cross-brand prescription comparisons on key performance indicators for specialty biopharma products. We abide by the Intellus Worldwide and Insights Association Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research and Code of Marketing Research Standards.


In our sales and marketing practice areas we help our clients  launch  brands  and  build   companies  through

engagements that are managed by  leaders who bring years of deep general management and functional area experience at top global companies to client projects.  In our sales practice, we provide strategic support for organizational size and structure planning of field forces and internal teams, training and development plans, and related projects.  In our marketing practice, we provide services such as strategic brand plans, operating plans, and launch planning and implementation support.


Engaging Protean for our hands-on industry experience is only half the picture. We also bring years of consulting expertise with diverse businesses and brands, providing a broad view on industry trends and forward-looking opportunities. It all adds up to helping your company achieve smart, sustainable growth.

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