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Case Study


Lee Ann Steadman, Partner & John Chatas, Senior Consultant

How Protean Helped a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Monitor the Quality of their Patient Services Programs

“A leading biotechnology

company asked Protean

for solutions to help

them better assess the

effectiveness of their PSP.”

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A Case Study

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have lacked the ability to monitor, track and report on the performance of their Patient Services Program (PSP) offerings. More specifically, they have lacked methodologies that capture how well a vendor or the internally-run program is performing. The lack of program performance metrics (beyond just contracted Service Level Agreements or SLAs), or adaptation on the manufacturer's part due to data not being tracked, may lead to users not fully utilizing or engaging with the PSP as intended. Ultimately, it may negatively impact a patient's ability to access treatment.


A leading biotechnology company asked Protean for solutions to help them better assess the effectiveness of their PSP. They had a need for a comprehensive tracking and reporting system that would provide an executive view and a detailed analysis on the quality of their offerings.


Using existing service offerings, proprietary tools and industry leading experience, we developed a Quality Assurance (QA) Program that could be customized to address specific concerns – or used out-of-the box to provide an overview of key metrics integral to the success of a PSP. Our client was able to monitor and track data for overall usage, user satisfaction and call center metrics, as well as for administrative functions such as benefit verification, error monitoring and Adverse Event reporting and case management.


With the Quality Program, Protean built a tool that enables clients to quickly assess program metrics in an easy-to-interpret format. Our client received monthly and quarterly reporting that tracked vendor and PSP performance in real time – providing them with insight when assessing their program offerings and agility when making shifts and implementing necessary revisions due to changing conditions.

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